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Kingdoms (IC)

Post by Servo on Fri Mar 28, 2014 11:26 am

The night is young but already black as coal. The only sound to be heard is the cool north wind rustling the leaves of the trees. The shutters on windows are closed and doors are locked. There is an unusual sense of foreboding in the city of Gordon tonight. Even the slow-witted and skeptical among the citizens can sense some evil craft at work...

Even on a black night like this Henry would have expected to see at least a few people out on the streets. Usually there would be at least a few drunks stumbling home, or some young tough kids loitering on a corner, guarding their turf against imagined adversaries. Apparently the citizens had the same disconcerting feeling he had tonight, because the streets were empty. Something unusual was happening, though what it was he could not begin to guess. Henry had very little in the way of intuition and perception (as far as mysticism and the like). In truth he was surprised that he could sense whatever dread had washed over the city tonight, it had a 'magical' feeling to it, as well as a grimy dirty feel. Whatever it was, it was powerful indeed if he could feel it.

He walked slow and casual, in no hurry to reach his destination. Whoever had called the meeting with him would not be there for another hour. He wanted a chance to scope out the area first, make sure it was not a trap. He was reasonably sure that anyone that had been involved in his past life as a thief was long dead now, but he was careful by nature and never took unnecessary risks. Besides, whoever this person was obviously knew something about him, why else would they call a secret nighttime meeting with a simple blacksmith? He had stared at the cryptic letter for hours, trying to read further into the one simple line.

Corner of Elm and Garrot Street. Midnight. Tell no one. Come dressed, armed, and ready to work.

It was the 'come dressed, armed, and ready to work' part that made him suspicious. There was obviously no work for a blacksmith on a random street corner in the middle of the night. He was not even a very accomplished blacksmith, most of his business came from farmers in need of tools. This mystery person had some other work in mind. Something was up, and not just this creepy gloom that had settled over the city like a fog.

He was just around the corner from the rendezvous point. He slowed his pace and lightened his step, he could walk with no sound at all when he wanted to. He came around the corner, staying in the shadows. It was possible he was not the only one that wanted to show up early, if that was the case he certainly did not want to be the first to show himself. He found a deep shadow and stood perfectly still for a few minutes, just watching. He watched the corner for nearly two full minutes before he spotted the small woman standing there. He could not believe he had missed her, she was making no attempt to hide herself and his eyes were very keen in the dark.

At first she did not seem to be a threat. She was small, and quite attractive. If she was armed he could not see the weapons. She was certainly strange looking, her hair was so long it touched the ground and it was too dark to tell but he would swear her skin looked greenish. She was standing right on the corner he had been directed to. He planned to wait in the shadows for a while and just watch, until she turned and pointed right at him. He was surprised that she could see him, then he was utterly shocked when her eyes suddenly flared up bright green!


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