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Setting: Distant planet, Dark ages.

Character types: Any and all

Backstory: For thousands of years the immortal Tyrant known as Drakus has ruled the entire continent of Proatera with an iron fist. His greed and cruelty drove the population into terrible poverty and famine. Within a century the once thriving population was cut by nearly a third. Those who survived were driven to lives of either crime or lives of hiding in fear. The sprawling cities wasted away in diseased squalor. Education and recreation became distant memories. Historical landmarks were reduced to ruins, phantom reminders of better times. Millions were murdered by Drakus for mere sport or in fits of anger. His mind and heart were pure black evil.

After dozens of failed rebellions and attempted coos, the people had all but given up hope. Any attempt to win their freedom was quickly crushed by Drakus' army known as The Black legion. The army was millions strong and made up of mindless minions clad in black armor, very little was known about who they were or where they had come from. This was especially true since no one had bothered to record history since shortly after Drakus came to power.
All seemed lost and hopeless. That was until someone finally managed to unite them under one banner against the Emperor. Berachus, a peasant who became a mighty warrior, lead the people in a thirty year campaign against Drakus. Their victory was hard fought and costed nearly one hundred thousand lives, including the life of Berachus himself.

Now, ten years after the death of Berachus and the imprisonment of  Drakus, the people are once again divided and the future is unsure. New rulers are arising and the people are rallying behind them. The lands are being divided among these new kings and queens. Skirmishes break out on every border and the rumor of all out war is in every ear...

Gordon- This coastal land is one of the largest and most powerful on Proatera. Ruled by King Rom Gordon, a moral and just man, Gordon is a shining light of humanity in the ever darkening world. The kingdom of Gordon is made up mostly of wide open grasslands and some woodlands which are relatively tame compared to many other forests in Proatera. The capital city is Lyonburg and it is nestled against the coast of the Forgotten sea.
Military might- Very strong
Economy- Very strong
Population- 100,000+
Magic- weak
Popularity- Very high
Moral allignment- Lawful Good

Raxium- Located a few hundred miles north of Gordon, Raxium is the ying to Gordon's yang. After Drakus was imprisioned, his castle and capital city were left abandoned. Most would not dare to even enter the borders of the kingdom, believing (correctly) that it was cursed. Only one man, Uroha Sul, dared to enter the lands with his dark army. They scavenged the armor of Drakus' defeated army and Uroha sat upon the 'Immortal throne'. He was granted immortality but cursed at the same time. He would never be able to survive more than a few feet away from the throne again. He would rule Raxium forever but only if he were willing to bind himself to the black throne. Raxium is a cold and dead tundra.
Military might- Very strong
Economy- Strong
Population- 40,000+ (all military)
Magic- Very strong
Popularity- Very low
Moral allignment- Lawful evil

Saborian- Much of western Proatera was inhabited by small tribes of "Wildmen" during the rule of Drakus. He tried over the centuries to wipe the Wildmen out but they proved to be extremely hardy and versatile. They survived for a long time in barren deserts. As soon as Drakus was overthrown they joined forces and quickly seized Saborian, one of the most lush and fruitful lands in the west. Now Saborian is ruled by a council of twelve tribal chiefs. They are not terribly unfriendly and are willing to trade with neighboring kingdoms, but they have little trust and do not allow just anyone to travel their lands unchecked.
Military might- Strong
Economy- Medium
Population- 20,000-30,000
Moral alignment- neutral

You may be anyone you want. King, queen, peasant, or anything in between. Basically any classic fantasy creature or character is allowed. The only thing that is entirely prohibited is modern technology. (in other words no guns or bombs). Also feel free to be part of one of the above kingdoms, or make your own. I intend to continuously expand on the backstory as well as adding events and twists to keep the RP fun. And since I love to draw I will probably include maps and other illustrations.


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