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Veata Pom***

Post by Umbra on Wed Mar 26, 2014 12:36 pm

Name: Veata Pom

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Race/class: Demigoddess/ flora and fauna

Appearance: Veata is a small but shapely woman. She has smooth pale skin that has a very slight green tint. Her eyes are bright green and flare up with green light when she is angry or feeling any intense emotion. Her hair is bright sunshine yellow and very long (to her ankles when braided), there are always small twigs and leaves tangled in her hair, including a long vine that weaves in and out throughout the long braid. She stands about 5' 1" and is thin but curvy at the same time. Veatas feet are stained blood red for reasons that are a mystery even to her. Because of her small size and perfect skin she is often mistaken for a child in low light or from a distance. She usually wears only a small yellow sundress but occasionally wears a long green hooded cape. She never wears shoes.

Personality: Veata can be a bit too serious. Due to past experience she has little patience for silliness. She is not unkind however, in fact she is kind to a fault. She can not stand to see any living creature in pain of any kind. She will even go so far as to heal an enemy rather than see them suffer. Of course this does not mean that she will not fight or even kill when necessary, she just makes it a point to make her kills as quick and painless as possible.

History:There once was a tiny remote planet, teeming with life and beauty. In the very center of the largest forest was a small tree so beautiful that the other flora considered her to be the glory of the entire planet. Her name was Pom. One year, a massive storm hit the planet, the largest in the history of the small world. The storm lasted an entire year and all life on the world was decimated. All except Pom. The tree was left alone on her small planet. Over time she became dicouraged, sadness and loneliness moved through her very roots. She decided that being a tree on a dead planet was no longer acceptable to her, so over the span of nearly two millenia she changed herself into a small beautiful goddess. She renamed herself Veata Pom.
She traveled the universe for countless years in search of a new home, finally coming to rest here. Around a hundred years ago, something traumatic happened that caused Veata to lose most of her memories. She has only vague dreamlike pictures in her mind to remind her of her long life. Since the fall of Drakus, Veata has adopted the role of peace-keeper in Proatera. She travels from kingdon to kingdom attempting (usually unsuccessfully) to negotiate peace among the warring armies. On some occasions she will assist one side or the other in a war if she believes the cause is righteous.

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