Henry Goodkind

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Henry Goodkind

Post by Servo on Wed Mar 26, 2014 2:45 pm

Name: Henry Goodkind

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race/class: Human/ Thief

Weapon of choice: Throwing knives/ Daggers

Appearance: Henry stands six feet and two inches tall; he is thin but has hard defined muscles. His skin is very tan and full of scars from past battles and narrow escapes. He has a strong defined chin and usually has a five O'clock shadow. His hair is long, brown, and usually left a little messy as he is not terribly concerned about appearances. He has soft hazel eyes which serve to gain the trust of others easily. He wears soft dark gray cotton pants and long sleeve shirt which make no noise when he moves. His legs and torso are clad in light leather armor which has many hidden storage compartments for various trinkets and weapons (also they are useful for hiding stolen objects). He usually wears a baggy black coat with a large hood that helps to keep his face in the shadows.

Personality: Henry is sly-witted and a smooth talker. He prefers the use of stealth and cunning over violence. If he finds himself in a risky situation that he cannot run away from, he will usually try to talk his way out rather than fight. He will fight when the occasion calls for it but he is not fond of killing. Henry has a particular soft spot for women and will not kill one even to save his own life.

History: Henry was born on the streets of Nodding, an impoverished city in Raxium. He grew up stealing in order to survive and became so good at it that he was recruited by a small local thieves guild. Within five years he was running the guild and they thrived greatly under his leadership. He parted ways with them when they started insisting that they branch out to other areas like contract killing. When he left the new leader, Ciaus, swore to kill him should they meet again.
During the war Henry made a great deal of money working for both sides. He claimed to be neutral and in it strictly for the money, but secretly he had always worked a little harder to benefit the rebellion and had actually contributed a great deal to the downfall of Drakus. No one ever knew about his contributions to the war and because of his profession, he preferred it that way. Anonymity is obviously a great asset to a thief.
Currently Henry is making a modest living as a blacksmith in Gordon. His life as a thief is put on hold while he waits to see how the world will settle into its new age without a tyrant ruler.


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