Drist the Dark Elf

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Drist the Dark Elf

Post by Servo on Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:43 pm

Name: Drist

Age: 85

Gender: Male

Race/class: Dark elf/ Necromancer

Weapon of choice: Staff/ magic

Appearance: Although Drist is relatively young for an elf, he has intentionally grown a long messy bear and turned it white in order to appear as an old man. He is very thin and has sharp facial features. He walks hunched over and leaning on a staff in order to make his 'old man' ruse more believable. He has minimal shape-shifting abilities which he can use to give himself a few wrinkles if someone looks too close. He wears a long black cloak with a hood and several large and strange looking rings on each hand.

Personality: Drist is sly and mysterious. He often speaks in riddles and half-truths. His mind is so bent on evil that he is disgusted by the idea of being fully honest with his words. He hates everyone. Even when he appears to be a kindly old man (which is his usual front), he is only doing so in order to work some wicked plan. He enjoys the pain of others and loves to see the good turn evil. Most people never see this side of him though, he maintains his disguise as a kindly old man as much as possible and will often perform acts of apparent generosity, but always with a hidden agenda.

History: Almost no one actually knew who Drist was even before the war. Very few ever attempted to get to know those that advised Drakus. Drist was in fact one of Drakus' closest advisers and was easily his most powerful magician.
Drist was born among the Dark Elves of Raxium. The Dark Elves inhabited the land long before Drakus came into power and were relatively peaceful. Drakus, wanting Raxium only for himself, wiped out their race as one of his first acts as king. He spare only a handful of females and one male, forcing them to breed so that he could use them as slaves. They were powerful with all kinds of magic but especially the black craft. He would choose the strongest from each generation and they would serve him for one century before he killed them so that they would not become too powerful and overthrow him. Drist was the last to serve him before the war. Drist was by far the most evil of all the Dark Elves that had ever lived. He delighted in committing acts of genocide and is personally responsible for countless atrocities. When Drakus fell, Drist slipped away quietly and hid away in Gordon, disguised as an old beggar. Unfortunately no one knows of his crimes and therefor no one is looking for him.


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