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Please read the rules before posting anything.

  • Absolutely no vulgar language or material is acceptable. Your RP's can be realistic and that may include violence, romance, or ugly situations, but keep it as clean as possible. (for example, just because someone falls off a building does not mean you need to describe the landing in vivid detail.)

  • No swearing at all.

  • Romantic RP's are fine but be careful not to put a fun take on promiscuous relations, or any other unchristian behavior..

  • No debating outside of the debate forum.

  • This site is meant for Christians, that does not mean others are not welcome, they certainly are. That being said, the testimonies should be Christian only and the RP's should maintain Christian values. In other words do not swear, promote drugs r sex outside of marriage, even if the characters are married sexual encounters do not need to be described in detail, avoid homosexuality, and obviously don't have your characters worshipping the devil or anything crazy like that.

  • Everyone is welcome on the chatbox, but be aware that the rules will be a lot more lax there. I realize not everyone is a Christian and I would not expect non-believers to act like believers. Still, there will be none of the particularly vulgar curse words on the chatbox. No harassing. Debate will be kept to a minimum. Topics will be kept relatively clean and if you are making someone uncomfortable, change the subject. JESUS WILL BE TALKED ABOUT... its a Christian website so that should be obvious but just in case... I'm gonna talk about him a lot... just sayin...

  • Have a Christ-like attitude and we should not have any problems. Do not judge people even if they are a different religion or gay or on drugs or anything like that. As Christians we do not have to agree with everyone's behavior, but we are commanded to love them no matter what.


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